Short Stop, 2nd or 3rd Base. Is this you. Every year players are chosen for the  All Star Teams by the Western Collegiate Softball Association.

Calling Pitchers

Softball     Courage     Determination     Spirit

For 2020. You're a Good Pitcher. You have a drive to win. 
The Trojan's are in need of a Top Pitcher who throws hard and strikes out opposing batters?     Do you have the talent to play College Fastball.

Early Identification Evaluations for players starts;  ** See Prospective Players Page for all visits.***

  •  Covid 19 changed this years Recruiting Sorry.
  •   Trojans Teaching Clinics  Oct - March  Calgary.
2020 ID sessions



ID Camp is on hold for now due to Covid 19.  Potentially we may be able to hold it on August 14th (Friday) Grades 9 & 10,

Aug 15th (Sat) Grade 11's,

Aug 16th Grade 12's (Sun).

ndustrial Diamonds 1899-39 Ave NE 

9- 12 am,      lunch,      1-3 pm  Finish

Trojan Practices start:   August 14th or sooner for playes who are available:

Dates to be determined

SAIT Trojans season usually practice Tuesday & Wednesday 6 PM times may vary.

​​Where : Renfrew Community Center, 825-8th Ave NE, Calgary, Alberta.

These positions fill up fast so take advantage of the opportunity before you miss it.

contact us soon regarding Scholarships and awards.

Demanding position!   Do you have a strong arm, Endurance and ability to function under pressure? 
Is this your Dream?

Do you have the skills to meet the demands of the Outfielders positions, It requires High Attention, Focus, Ability to think on the run, Strong arm, & Speed. If so we have a spot for you.

Fall ID Camps


GEORGE  EDWARDS,  HEAD  COACH   |   SAITTrojans Women's College Fastball 
H - 403-278-1420   |   C - 403-350-9311   |     E  or

College Pitching is some of the best around. To Hit them you need timing, eye / hand co-ordination and confidence.

We have tons o' classes


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